Many people who are trying to lose weight resort to the use of water pills to push the process along. This is especially true in cases where people want the weight loss to be quick. This may SEEM to be an effective way for fast weight loss, but there is a definite concern about the safety of using this as a method to drop unwanted pounds.

To make an informed decision regarding the use of water pills for weight loss, it is important to know just how these pills work within the body. Also called diuretics, water pills basically tell the kidneys to eliminate sodium from the body. This causes an elimination of extra water in the process.

The 3 main types of water pills are called loop diuretics, thiazides, and a combination of several types in one pill. The loop diuretics disrupt the body’s ability to absorb sodium. This causes more water to appear in the urine, because the sodium pulls more water. Thiazides work a lot like the loop diuretics, but they also are made to help the body retain potassium while eliminating the sodium.

A common use for diuretics, or water pills, is to treat high blood pressure. For this treatment, water pills trigger to the kidneys to eliminate excess water, thus lowering the overall blood volume. This, in turn, reduces the blood pressure. People with such conditions as edema also are prescribed water pills to help their symptoms. Edema is a condition in which water is retained due to the circulation of the lymphatic system being blocked. Water pills have been known to aid in this retention of excess water. Water pills have also been used to help the body get rid of toxins. This may or may not work, depending on the type of toxin.

Many times people turn to water pills for a quick weight loss method. This is not considered to be a healthy alternative to other weight loss methods. It can be potentially harmful when used too often, or too many pills are taken, which can be very dangerous. Yes, there IS a small weight loss that comes with taking water pills. However, this weight loss is not permanent and will only come back once you have stopped taking the pills.

If you are considering taking water pills to lose weight, you should know that this can lower your blood pressure to an extreme low, cause an imbalance of electrolytes in your body, and many other types of potentially serious problems. Long term use of diuretics is not recommended unless it is under the supervision of your doctor.

There are so many different weight loss methods to choose from that are healthy and not life threatening. You would do well to check out some of those before taking your life into your own hands by using water pills to lose the weight you feel you need to drop. Also keep in mind that you are not only putting yourself at risk, but this weight is not going to stay gone.

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