Kids baby bedding today offers everything you could possibly want for your new arrival. Whether you are looking for baby boy bedding sets or girls baby bedding you will find a wonderful assortment of colors and styles to choose from. These baby bedding crib sets often will come with a comforter, crib sheet, bumper pads and a dust ruffle. There are also many matching and coordinating accessories to help you organize and decorate to create the perfect nursery for your newborn.
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This process of crafting that ideal room for your baby is magical and so much fun. At the same time there are some safety issues to keep in mind when putting your little one to bed in his/her beautiful kids baby bedding. Your baby should be placed on his/her back to sleep. The mattress should be firm and tight-fitting and in a crib that meets current safety standards.  Pillows, comforters, sheepskins, soft stuffed animals or toys, and any other soft products should be removed from the bed. Use these only for decoration.

Bumper pads are great for protecting your baby from the hard crib slats. Just be sure they are securely tied in place and fit around the entire inside of the crib. You do not want any places where they flop down or leave spaces where the baby can bump or wedge its head between the bumper and the crib. Using a one-piece sleeper or other sleep clothing can be a good alternative to using a blanket. Avoid putting your baby on a waterbed, sofa, soft mattress, pillow, or other soft surface to sleep. Your baby’s head should be uncovered during sleep. While looking over the baby bedding crib sets and choosing the one that is just right for your baby think about designing a warm and comfortable space but at the same time keep this information in mind so you are sure to create a safe sleep environment for your newborn.

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