It seems like today losing weight is all about finding the best weight loss supplements. Diet and exercise have taken a backseat to choosing the latest “scientifically proven” (or maybe not) pill and the dream of melting the pounds away with minimal effort is exploited by marketers all around the world.

Perhaps there is such a magic pill out there. I found many supplements that aid in losing weight if you really make an effort in your diet and exercise program. I found many that do melf fat but also burn down your body and lead to more problems than they solve.

But I’ve never seen a safe pill that doesn’t require you to do some dieting or exercising.

In my opinion the best weight loss supplements are those you can include in your diet and which are actually food. Only after you have tweaked your diet and exercise program should you start considering adding supplements – pills are there to aid you, not to do the job for you.

Where to start? There are many foods proven to help you reduce weight, but today I would like to talk to you about tea.

Tea caused weight loss in men-tested studies. This is more than most supplements can boast – most have not scientific studies (not real blind and randomized studies) and many are tested only in women. So for us guys this is good news.

These studies show that men taking caffeine and green tea lose more weight than those that are taking only caffeine. If you already are a coffee addict I recommend you add green tea to your diet. If you aren’t, then just add the tea and forget about coffee.

Some studies showed that tea alone can also have results. These studies were conducted on both men and women and produced more modest results than the combination with caffeine, but they still produced results.

Not only does green tea burn fat (by means not yet clearly understood), it also leads to lower cholesterol, better heart function, reduced risk of cancer, and reduced inflammation, curiously all conditions aggravated by excess fat.

In fact, inflammation itself has been linked to excess weight and frequently overweight people lose all the extra fat when it is discovered they had some kind of inflammatory disease and it is treated. Likewise, inflammation is also aggravated by fat tissue – fat cell death was linked to obesity, something apparently counterintuitive.

Tea can be drunk either cold or hot. Hot tea does not produce more effects and in fact hot tea has been liked to esophagus and stomach cancer (which explains why these cancers are more common in Japan). My suggestion is to make it at morning and then drink it throughout the day.

If you are looking for the best weight loss supplement to start using in your diet, start with tea, a drink that is low on calories, provides you with plenty of water to burn fat, and has proven effects on men trying to lose weight.

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